Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trail Maintenance and Slick Sticks

If you have ever hit a "slick stick" you know how painful that can be. A "slick stick" is that twig, branch or stick that hidden (most times) and runs almost parallel (in the worst case) to the trail. Hitting one on a downhill (especially in moist situations) results in an unsuspecting and often painful crash (I have a perma-lump on my hip from one of these). That is why it is important (I feel) to watch out for other mountain bikers and take the time to stop and do trail maintenance when you see something not right (or dangerous).

For example, yesterday I went for a ride up the 700 to the 760, then climbed up "Rocky Road" then to "Stick in the Eye" and then down to the ''Cork Screw". I had to stop at least 20 times to remove a number of "fall downs." The heavy wet snow, wind, and the rain really did a number on the trees.

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