Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year - Same Story - Snow and Mud

New Year's morning with the annual ride up McCulloch. Darin, Ryan and I went up the "traditional" way. Climbed the first half of "the Wall" then ran into snow on the road. It was thick and slick. We had to push up the second half of The Wall. Once we made the junction at the ridge we decided to head back down, but went the back way down the the wall bypass thinking it would be better. Big mistake. No one had gone that way and the snow was so deep and thick that going down hill I was stopped and didn't fall over. We didn't get rained up going up, but did coming down, and it hasn't stopped raining yet.

Why wash it, it will just get dirty tomorrow

Fenders, we don't need no stinking fenders

Darin on his new "Redline 29'r" hardtail 9-speed

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