Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Riding In Corvallis

First off, snow and Corvallis just don't go together, it happens so rare, but when it does it is beautiful except for those of us who like to Mountain Bike. Take today for example, since it warmed up on Sunday, my brother and I thought it would be possible to ride up to Dimple from Oak Creek. Think again. The Oak Creek gate is just that much higher in elevation. We met at 7 a.m. and it was already starting to snow again, plus there is still 4" of snow at the gate and it got worse as we climbed. We made it 1.15 miles from the gate before we had to turn around (it took us 30 minutes to get that far). Going up was slow, slick and a good workout. One thing that helped to get as far as we did was to let out a lot of air from our tires. The worry is that if the snow stays around for any length of time, riding is really going to be impacted for the holidays.

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