Sunday, March 23, 2014

Home Movies

As a follow-up to my last post about some of my favorite YouTube videos I can now talk about my favorite "home movies." That's because I got a GoPro Hero3 from a very special Santa's Helper for Christmas.

I know what you are thinking, "Oh Boy, more shaky video from Dan's Trail."  Some of that is true, what you see on YouTube doesn't always look as good as it does when I play the native files on my PC.  That's because the GoPro software will compress the export for YouTube.  So it will play well on a smaller device (like a smart phone).  You can export in a higher resolution for YouTube, but it takes longer and creates a much larger file.

Here is a link to my YouTube channel, so you can judge for yourself.

Why I Like My GoPro:
  1. As a mountain biker you remember the climbs more because you have so much time to think about them as you are doing it.  The downhill's not so much because they go by so fast.  The GoPro lets me review those downhill's when I get home.
  2. My GoPro has Bluetooth, so I can play the videos back on my phone.  I can also turn the camera on and off from my phone.  So I can set it up down the trail and turn it on remotely and video yourself (or use it as a "spy" camera, but you didn't hear that from me).
  3. It is improving my riding by helping me keep my head still, core centered and to look down the trail.
  4. The GoPro software for making videos is very good and easy to pick up.  It comes with some default music and templates.
  5. It can handle water, mud, snow, etc.
  6. It is fun to send links to rides you have just done with your friends to your friends. 
Why I Don't Like My GoPro:
  1. It is more to wear, keep track of and put on your bike.  I got the camera, but then I went and got a few more mounts, and chest strap and helmet strap.  Then you need a camera bag for it all and few more memory cards (nothing over 32GB though).
  2. I have an older notebook so importing clips from the GoPro can be slow, then you have to convert them, then finalize your video.  All of which can take 10 to 30+ minutes at each step.  You can capture video fast, but not create media fast.
  3. Videos take up a lot of space. On the camera memory card, on your PC and anywhere else.
  4. You need to remember to take the camera, the memory card and make sure it is charged (all from personal experience).
  5. Sound quality is not great natively once a person is a few feet away, but it picks everything else up.  Fenders banging, breathing and fabric rubbing. That's why back ground music is important.
  6. If you don't have fenders on a muddy day or it is raining, the lens can get fuzzy quick.
  7. This is nothing wrong with the software, but with YouTube and music rights.  I purchase all my music as I want to be honest, but if I use music I have purchased in one of my personal videos and upload it to YouTube it won't play on certain devices.  It will play on a PC but not a smart phone or tablet device.  YouTube scans the music files attached to videos and prevents them from playing if they "violate" royalty rules.  I understand why, but it is frustrating none the less.(I haven't yet found a great royalty free site for background music)
All in all I love it and I'm glad I have it.  I find out now that I'm videoing other things for other reasons than just mountain biking.  In fact two of my other riding buddies have them also!  So look for more videos from the OMMBC (Old Men Mountain Biking Club) coming soon.

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