Sunday, August 24, 2014

OMMBC 2014 Road Trip - Tour of Oregon

Every year the old men like to do a road trip before the start of the summer "season" of events (CPR, C2C, TOE, etc.).  In 2013 we went to Moab (see past post) and this year with the drought down south we were going to Tahoe, but a lat "e spring snow dumped 4 feet of snow on the trails right before we went, so plan "B" was put in place - The Tour of Oregon.

The TofO started on Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. with a visit to the Lumberyard indoor bike park in Portland Oregon.  It was my first visit (Tuesday is 2 for 1 night) and I went thinking this was a BMX track (as the 7 of us all had our 29" FSR mountain bikes).  I was gratefully surprised at how much fun it was.  There are tracks, trails, skinny's and rocks to keep you plenty busy.  I think we road 5 miles total and I was worn out when it was done (see my YouTube video - my channel is Craig Cole).
Lumber Yard "Team" Shot

The next morning was all Sandy Ridge (Sandy Oregon) and it was a perfect clear day about 60 degrees and Niner was giving doing a demo day.  Sandy Ridge has a paved 3.75 mile climb to the top with many excellent mountain bike only trails.  We road 22 miles and 4,000 feet of gain. Then drove to Hood River for the night (try the 6th Street Bistro).

Sandy Ridge Fun

The Top of Sandy Ridge
Thursday was a wet ride on the Post Falls trails.  First time there and there are some great trails (some of the craziest sweeping turns I've every been on) and one of the best play areas on top (they are putting a permanent bathroom) that you can drive to.  We were so wet and muddy that we washed our bikes and gear in the creek at the parking lot. This is a "must" return spot when it is dry.  After that crazy event, we drove from Hood River to Bend (Sunriver) with the rain following us (try Parilla.

Friday morning looked to be a bad weather day, but then in cleared as we started our climb up C.O.D. with a stop to play Pirate by riding some Planks.  It was "hero" dirt, perfect texture and no dust.  We climbed to Funner then up to Wanoga Snow Park parking lot and the pump track.  After a visit to Repeat Performance, we shuttled Funner (got snowed on in the parking lot as we unloaded) again and then finished with Storm King.

Funner Log Ride
Saturday we were supposed to be in Oak Ridge doing 17000 vertical feet in a day with Oregon Adventures (the guys who do Mountain Bike Oregon), but the valley was in the mist of a spring storm that included snow, so we decided to stay in Bend.  In fact, we woke up in Sunriver with a dusting of snow also, but the skies cleared and we road under blue skies again. We road 18 miles on the Deschutes River trail then shuttled Funner one more time.

All and all it was another "perfect" trip.  There was fun, laughter, great food, and good hard riding.  We had everything from warm sun, cold rain, snow, mud, and everything in between.  The key to having success on this kind of a trip is to not take yourself to serious, give each other space and recognize that we get on each other's nerves once and awhile. 


Deschutes River Trail 



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