Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday Fun - Favorite Videos

There is no doubt that technology has not only changed how we ride, but how we watch, learn and interact with mountain biking.  The advent of social media and improved smart phone cameras have increased our exposure to what is going on in the mountain bike community.  In fact, I really wanted a GoPro when they first came out, but then I realized if you go out and search sites like YouTube, you'll find an existing video of the trail you wanted to recorded already there.

With that said, here are the links to some of my favorite videos about mountain biking and a few extra put in for fun.  This is not a complete or comprehensive list and there lots and lots of great videos about riding out there.  But these are my favorites for giving a flavor of what is out there:

1. How to be a mountain biker (I could relate to a number of these):

2. Now that you ARE a mountain biker, here are 10 things you should make sure you do (I've done 9 of them):

3. Danny MacAskill's Imaginate - it really shows off his skills in a fun way, even though it isn't pure mountain biking it is still amazing:

4. Four guys having fun - which reminds me of riding with the "Old Men."  While I do a fair amount of solo riding, it is always more fun with friends:

5. Urban Downhill - I like these because it reflects how we all started, riding in the streets:

6. Just for fun - Red Bull does make some great videos:

7. More fun from "Monster" with a drift

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