Friday, June 18, 2010

The Slant Saved My Life - why we wear helmets

There are very few things that bug me, but I live on a busy street in Corvallis and I hear bike riders going by all the time. Yes, I said "hear" because I hear squeaky non-lubed chains. Not just young kids, but teenagers, college kids, and adults. It is almost painful, like finger nails on the chalk board. I want to yell at them "oil your chain!" The other thing that bugs me is when I see people riding there bikes (and motorcycles) not wearing a helmet. I have a young man who is now married with two kids who almost died coming home from school because he crashed on his bike and he wasn't wearing a helmet. And in the last month a riding partner took a hard crash that would have probably died without his helmet. And finally, just last week, coming down the McKenzie I had a slow pitch over the handlebars coming down the stair step above the Blue Pool and who have also died if it wasn't for my Bell Slant. It took the direct impact of a lava rock point which dented and cracked it, but saved me. My point, take care of your equipment and it will take care of you (if you use it), so wear your helmet and lube your chain (no I sound like my Dad).

Other events in the last 7 days, Thursday night ride, Friday road Bonsai at Black Rock , Saturday road the McKenzie Trail, Tuesday Chip Ross and Dan's, yesterday's night ride was Lollipop Loop and Bald Hill, this morning it was up McCulloch, down The Secret and down Stick n Eye. Tomorrow is the C2C Cert Ride (21 miles and 3,800 feet).

Photo's are 1) The Blue Pool 2) Black Rock 3) n 4) are my helmet 5) n 6) my riding buddy and the EMT's and 7) The McKenzie Trail

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