Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm Glad I Have A Back-Up Bike

My wife got me a bike stand last Christmas, and I remember saying, this is going to pay for itself as I do my own maintenance.  Well not this week! After last Friday's ride, I came home and put the bike on the stand to lube the chain.  It is then that I noticed that rear wheel had a wobble.  Turns out I had a broken spoke.  Since I've never learned to do that fix yet, I took it down to Corvallis Cyclery to have them fix it.  Eric gave me a call later that day and said you have one broke and 5 that are just about to break.  Looks like your chain came off between the hub and the spokes (I knew I should have left that tacky spoke guard on).  He got them fixed, but my schedule didn't allow me to get down there to pick it up.  Thus the need (and beauty) of having a back-up bike.

It is a testament to a great bike, when you get on it after a year and still love riding it.  My 06 Stumpy still has things I miss on my 08. 

So I get the tire put it on then back on the stand to put some air in my shock.  As I go to spin off the protective cap, the entire stem starts to un-screw.  I put it back on with my fingers then start to put air in the shock as I'm doing so, I see something sticking out of the side of the stem where it joins the shock housing.  It looks like a pine needle or something.  So I grap it, wrong thing to do.  It is really a part of the rubber seal and the minute I remove it, the shock deflates and won't hold air.  So now it is back to the my other favorite bike shop, Peak Sports because they are the authorized Specialized dealer.  Bad news, is it is going to take a shock rebuild which is in Salt Lake.

So once again, I'm glad that I have a great back-up bike because I'll need it for the McKenzie Trail this coming Saturday.  They promised me it would be back in time for the C2C!  I just love that bike stand. It is saving me so much money.

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