Saturday, July 3, 2010

C2C 2010 - Wet, Muddy, but not so Bloody

The 2010 effort lived up its "epic" title as it was full of cool temps, slick sticks, and crazy mud. Here are the stats for this year:

Start time: 5:33 a.m.
Start temp: 48
Ending temp: 54
Saddle time: - 7.22
Total time: 9:27
Total miles: 63:89
Elevation: ?? (anyone?)
Top Speed: ?? (anyone?)

Highlights, we started under cloudy skies, but the temp was great (48) for riding. Started with 7, but one rider had to take the 2nd bale out point (25 miles) due to a foot issue (that was an unplanned "smart move" as we later learned when the climbing and rain started). Since most of us had long sleeves on because of the weather, we didn't stop at The Nettles to put on bags (my ankle tingled for three days). The climb up the Randall Saddle was the best weather of the day and it reached 57, but as we dropped down the coast side it started to cool. The "tunnel" was full of mud and the branches have grown in.  It was the year of missed turns, because other than myself, no one had done it more than once, and we have four "first timers."  Nothing delayed us much, but it was funny.

We took a good rest at the "Root Ball" just before the Pump House and Power Line trails start, and that's when it started raining (about 2:00 pm), now we were already wet from the Tunnel, so the rain just added to it. Not really rain drops, but a Coast mist.  Other highlights (that I know of) are, one, that we had no flats or bike issues at all (last year there were 15 flats. I hit a hidden slick stick in a large mud hole and did a full on swan dive into it (but my hip was protected by the water and mud), Eric got bit by two slick sticks coming down the 2ndRight (yes I turned to early).

Finally at 3:00 p.m. We rolled in wet, cold, muddy, tired and happy to see our supportive families, warm cloths, a bike wash, and lots and lots of food!  It was a great "epic" ride. 

C2C 2010 Riders: Craig, Frank, Todd, Marcus, Eric, Mike, and James G.

C2C 2011 is scheduled for Friday July 1, 2011. Start training now :-) and hope for dry weather.

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