Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Redline Rescue - The Result

The Redline has been rescued. The final cost is $329 and I could have got it under $300 if I had done more of the work myself and not splurged on a cool tire changing tool, but I thought the hub work and bottom bracket was a good investment. As for the tool, it was just a cool idea and I'm no weight weenie. I had two goof ups. I bought a 22" bar (did mm conversion in my head) from BackCountry, I want 25" (which has been ordered) and I got single sided cleats (more like road cleats) because I didn't look close at the picture on E-bay. Otherwise I'm very happy about what I learned and how it turned out (is that kinda sick to be happy with a rigid single speed when you have a full-suspension 27 speed?).  Here are the stats:

Redline Monocog 19" Bike - $25
Redline Rigid Fork - $60
Avid Pull Brake (rear) - came with fork
YMID Bike Seat - $10
Magura Hydraulic Front Brake - Free (thanks James)
ZChain - $10
Clips - $7
BBB Stem $12
BBB Bar $12
Specialized Lock-on Grips - no charge (from old bike)
New front rim to lace to hub/spokes $25
Specialized Pro 26x2 front tire - no charge (from old bike)
Bottom Bracket $25
Quick Release $5
Spacers $6
Two Tubes - $10
Rim Insert - $1
Origin8 tool $16 (splurge)
Shop Labor $63 (no I didn't do it all, I wasn't going to lace the spokes or do the bottom bracket - thanks Corvallis Cyclery)
Shipping $42

Total $329

Running 39x18 which = 56.3 inches with a gear roll-out of 4.492
Weight - 23.6 lbs.


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