Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cyclepedia - Portland Art Museum

Cycling has a great community, which sometimes is at odds with each other, but at least we have two wheels in common.  That is why I had such a great time at the new show currently at the Portland Art Museum called "Cyclepedia - Iconic Bicycle Design."  The show features over 40 bikes hanging from the ceiling that show innovative and iconic designs from the early days of cycling to the modern mountain bike.  It was so much fun to look at the different bikes up close (like a bike from the Olympics) to a wacky fold-up bike.  The show is running now through September 8th 2013 so you still have time and I strongly encourage it. Here is a link and some shots of the great bikes.
The Show

Carry On Luggage

Side by Side - it takes two to ride

Great Bikes Part 1

Great Bikes Part 2

A Sh#t Bike - for you Bike magazine fans

You just want to ride it

1950's and it weighs 50 lbs

A lot of bike helmets

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