Sunday, July 28, 2013

2013 TOE and C2C

2013 TOE
I have to give a lot of thanks to Dr. Stanley at the Clinic for the great job he did on my shoulder. 7 weeks after surgery I was able to participate in the Mike Ripley's TOE (Test of Endurance).  This year I only did one lap with my nephew and two friends, but I wasn't sure I would even be there after the accident.  We had a bunch of the "Old Men Mountain Bike Club" complete two laps (50 miles) and about 10,000 feet of climb. Two did it on single speeds.  Darin my brother road the 100k (67 miles) with crazy amount of climbs (he also did the High Cascade 100 two weeks later). It was a great time, great weather and a great course.
Fun Times w/ Ian

Darin on the 100k

2013 C2C (Corvallis to Coast; Cole to Cole)
The 8th Annual C2C Invitational had 14 brave souls including my nephew who is the youngest rider to finish (not counting Todd's two boys who split the ride on Dad's tandem mountain bike a few years back).  This year's ride ended with some new single track that is part of the Coast Classic mountain bike race.  It also included a river crossing of the Mary's River near Blodget because a tree took out the old one and we didn't want to back-up and find an alternate route.  Trails were in perfect condition and some of them looked like they had been cleaned and cut back (part of our course will become the official C2C trail when complete).  We had no trees down like the year before.  We only had one mechanical where a pedal had to be replaced (yes he was carrying an extra, he had feeling it might be needed).  This year we only had one flat after the fact (it was discovered the next day).  Here are some shots and the stats from this year:

Total Time: 8 hrs 40 minutes
Total Saddle time: 6 hrs 10 minutes
Average Speed: 10:1 mph
Total Miles: 61.4
Top Speed: 42.7
Starting Temp: 46
Ending Temp: 72
Elevation gain: 6538
Start Time: 5:45 a.m.
Ending Time: 2:25 p.m.
Bike Facts: 12 29's, 11 HT's, 3 ss, 1 1x10

The Bare Necessities

First Timers

Not as brave or baring as the first guy

Playing on the tracks (not part of the course)

2013 Riders

At the Bridge - 50 miles to go

More playing

There is a trail


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