Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mary's Peak in the fall

It has been a good October for mountain biking. The rain has helped the trails be tacky, but not muddied out. Plus the rain hasn't come and knocked the leaves down. On the peak, going up the East Rim trail was awash in yellows. We started about 7:30 a.m. and it was about 50 degrees. As we climbed to the parking lot, the clouds rolled in and it wasn't really raining, as much as just being in a storm cloud. The 4 of us surprised the group of workers who were all bundled up standing by their cars as we punched through the trees.

All the downed trees (but one new one) have been removed from trail and it is fast and flowery. Some of the roots were moist, which made for a few slip outs. A few bumps, bruises, and bent finger, but most of all there was a lot of smiles and whoops. One of the best rides around and the sun broke out as reach the suburban. Perfect.

James climbing into the color on the East Rim trail

Ofer at the 2nd switchback on the East Rim climbing into the clouds

Ofer at the 3rd switchback "the Stairs" on the East Rim trail
Ofer on the North Rim trail

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