Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Corvallis to Coast (C2C) 2011

This year's C2C was on Friday, July 8th and was one of the best ever. While it has been raining almost all of June, the skies were clear and not to hot.  6 of us left the Bald Hill parking lot at 5:45 a.m. with a temp of 42 degrees (it was 65 when we arrived in South Beach).  The late rain made everything green, so there was lots of over growth on all the trails.  This was particularly true as we road down The Nettles trail.  It was very soft and muddy in parts and very over grown.  The Tunnel and the Tank Trap trails were also close in with some great mud bogs (especially The Tunnel).  At Harlen, we met up with Darin who had road in from Burnt Woods (because of a work emergency), so 7 of us climbed the Randall Saddle and dropped into the coast side.  The first few years we did this we had all full-suspension bikes, now we have 29's, 1x9, hardtails, and even one crazy impressive rider (Frank) who did it on a single speed full rigid (amazing). We took all the right turns this time and only had one flat. Stats are:

Time: 5:45 to 2:45 (9 hours)
Miles: 60
Saddle Time: 6 hours
Elevation Gain: 6000
Ave Speed: 10 mph
Bike Specs:
3- 29r
4- Hard Tails
1- 1x9
1- Single Speed

At the finish, time for a BBQ

Enjoying the flowers before the "Tunnel"

The Nettles Trail

Picture Point - looking at Yaquina Bay - all most there

Just a nice moring ride

All kinds this year - single speed front and center


  1. just curious as to what trails this are. I am a valley kid and have never heard of any of these. I would definitely like to do an epic like this very soon.

  2. Sounds awesome! Is there a GPS track, map, or some detailed directions that you'd be willing to post?

  3. Would you be willing to share the route?

  4. I'm also interested in the route if you'd be willing to share it? My Google searches are coming up short with details on which trails and where to link them up..