Monday, June 20, 2011

Black Rock - One more reason to love riding in the Valley

Corvallis Mountain Bikers are lucky and they know it.  Where else can you ride out your back door right onto the trails (with elevation) and do it year round.  Or in a few hours each way ride more great stuff in Bend, Roseburg, Hood River, or the Coast.  But the best part is that in about 35 minutes we can be riding on Mary's Peak or Black Rock (Falls City, OR). 

Last Saturday a group of us (six to be exact) visited Black Rock on a perfect day.  It was 50 degrees, a little over cast, and the trails were perfect (thanks to all the trail keepers out there).  We went to the practise area and played around, then climbed to the top where we did the top section of Banzai Downhill twice, then did the next section twice, then took the third section down to the practise area where we played some more, then finished out with the forth or lower section to the gate and back to the cars.  We just got out before the 2nd "Flow" downhill race got started. 

There was nothing but big smiles all around.  We finished off the day with a "must stop" at the Bread Board for sticky buns and the best hot chocolate around. That's why we love to ride, and love to ride here in the Willamette Valley.

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