Sunday, May 22, 2011

Group Rides, Dry (er) Trails, and Trail Side Maintenance

May is finally bring around some dry(er) days, but at least they are warmer.  I have actually been able to for a ride with nothing but shorts and a riding jersey. Lately we have had a number of people start coming out the the Thursday and Saturday rides, not sure why, warmer weather, drier trails, or improved priorities :-).  Whatever the reason, having a number of riders along is what group rides are all about.  2 or 3 riders, doesn't really feel like a "group ride."  Now, it is true that rides with larger numbers can take longer, but I don't mind that because it provides opportunities to catch up with various riders.  It is fun with a larger group to be in the back on a night ride and watch the lights weave down through the switch back like fireflies. Riding is always fun, but hitting single track with your friends, in warmer weather makes it all the better.

One of the topics on this last ride was trail maintenance around tubeless tires, while we watched Todd put a tube in his tubeless 29'r after pinch flatting after a session of riding across Scout creek instead of using the log crossing.  He made it coming down the trail and riding across, then he tried to ride back the opposite way.  Not sure what he hit, but it put a hole in the sidewall, which was fixed with a tube (the hole didn't need the Cliff Bar wrapper/dollar bill/or plastic 7-up 2 L bottle patch).

It was also fun having Maggie along for the ride, she is a great trail dog.  She also chased a deer and a Turkey which took off in flight (something you don't see much). Even with the phone loss (which was returned in a few hours by three OSU Forestry students who just happened to be on Forest Peak for a class and walked down Tunnel Vision and found my phone), which is another story on why by zipper was open on my pack.
Climbing the 130 - Todd, Maggie, Jason, Ray, and Wayne

Ryan on Tunnel Vision

Trail maintenance after Scout Trail creek crossing session

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