Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Riding in Corvallis

I've said this before, that Corvallis is a perfect place for Mountain Bikers.  You can ride year round, get lots of elevation, and your are surrounded by great rides.  But even for hard core riders, this March has been a tough one.  March is the start of Spring, but in Corvallis it is the "transition" month. There are hints that it is going to get dry (notice I didn't say sunny - yet), then your hopes get dashed. As an Oregonian there are signs you look for in March to make sure that Summer is coming (like Punxsutawney Phil back east). They are, how many days did it rain in March and did it get into the 60's. Well this has been a tough Winter for even hardcore rain lovers. As of today, March 26 and it has rained every day this month and it it reached 63 degrees once on 3/13. It has also rained 5 inches, with a YTD total of 11.2. But don't cry for us (we already have enough water), they are predicting 63 and only a 50% chance of rain on Wednesday 3/30 (but I won't hold my breath, unless the water is up to my nose)!

But the riding is year round

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