Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beating the Winter Riding Blues

Sometimes you just have to get away. Corvallis is a great place for mountain bikers, because you can ride year round. But, even in Corvallis you get tired of "road" rides when the trails are like pudding. So, what is the answer? A road trip to St. George, Utah!

As the snow was starting to fall last week, we took off for Las Vegas where my son picked me up for 6 days of fun in the sun. There are trails all over the St. George area, some are hiking, biking, horses, quads, motorcycles and off-roaders, but they all seem to get along.

It was great fun to ride some different terrain, see the sites, and eat way to much good food. Then the fun ended as we landed back in Portland, to a record setting day of rain (2" in Corvallis), but I still have the pictures as a way to escape again.
No snow here

Green Valley Trail System

Having Fun

Miles and Miles of Trails

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