Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Through a Kids Eyes

There are times when even a "weekend warrior" mountain bike rider gets caught up "business" of riding.  Stressing over tire pressure, chain lube, or gearing, etc.  So it is great when why we ride gets put back into perspective.  Friday I came after a long day of work and just as I get out of my car up walks my neighbor kid from across the street with his friend.  They are pushing a BMX bike with a flat, and the first thing they say is "Mr. Cole, what is your schedule like today."  How can you say anything but, "bring it on it and lets have a look."  I put it on the stand and fixed the flat.  They my neighbor says, Mr. Cole, can you fix mine too?  Of course.  So he runs over and gets it.  Then I let them take my 10' see-saw obstacle and my 4"x6" by 10' "skinny".  They took them across the street, setup a ramp and started sessioning them.  I went in to eat.  About 30 mins later, there is a knock at the door, and it is my two young friends and they say "Do you want to come ride with us."  Of course the 50 year old in me thinks of a hundred other things I need to do, but the kid in me says "why not."  So there you have it, three kids sessioning in the street on Highland as the sun is setting.  We hit the see-saw, bunny hopped, road the skinny and the curbs, and in general just had fun with big smiles on our faces.  I want back home with a big smile on my face and a refreshed view of why I like to ride.

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