Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bend - Just the tip of the iceberg

The great thing about living in Corvallis is Mac and Dunn forest. Great riding just out the back door and then it just gets better.  Mary's Peak, Black Rock, McKenzie Trail, Oak Ridge, Newport, Ashland, the NUT, Hood River, and last but not least Bend.

I just came back from a great week of riding in Bend.  The great thing about riding in a new place is experiencing new trails.  Riding in Corvallis is all about long climbs and quick down hills.  Bend is more about contour riding compared to home.  Highlights were walking the planks on "the old Pirate" trail.  Riding the COD and the Storm.  But the highlight was getting dropped off at Mt. Bachelor and riding almost 22 miles of single track all the way back to 7th Mountain Inn.  The highlight being the new "Funner" trail.

When not riding we hiked Mt. Bachelor, Tam McArthur Rim, and Iron Mountain.  Plus I visited as many bike shops as I could, and Bend has a lot.  What Bend also has are some great places to eat.  So what does this all mean, one that I'm not a great writer, but two that Bend is a place that all mountain bikers need to make a trip too, like Moab or Whistler.  It is all about great riding.  But of course, I've found that anytime I'm on my bike and riding a new or old trail I'm thinking, "man everyone needs to ride this."

Miles and miles of tree dodging

Fun on the Funner

Walking the Plank

Always pay the Troll the toll
At the falls
Do we have to leave?

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