Friday, March 19, 2010

The "Redline Rescue" Project - The Beginning

 First, from the start, let me state that I am not a bike mechanic, but I love to ride and I love proejcts (they generally mean new tools).

I give you that as back ground to my "Redline Rescue Project". A few weeks ago while staying at a vacation house in Newport Oregon (on the coast) I learned that the house was being "sold" (note foreclosed) on. As I was leaving after my stay, I looked in the garage and saw six Redline single speed monocog bikes 26" mountaing bikes. They had been "road hard and put away wet." Rusty chains, sand, etc. I contacted the owner and asked what he was going to do with them, he didn't have any idea, so on the spot I said, I'll take them (in the Old Man's bike club, there are three Redline 29'rs, one single and two 9's). He sold them for $25 each. I just couldn't see them get thrown away.

Now once I got them home, at first wondered if I have paid to much, but they have great bones. My goal is to restore at least one for me (and maybe one for my wife). Plus, I have already "sold" two of them (for $25 each) to two of the "Old Men" who want to "restore" them also.

First thing is the "strip down" and I "collected" my first part from e-bay (see the "fork" picture).  My goal is to build it as "cheap" as possible, but not with cheap parts (I've already been offered a front disk break for the new fork).  We'll see how it goes as I learn to become a "wrencher" and I'll keep posting updates on what I'm learning.

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