Saturday, March 13, 2010

Planet Bike Customer Service

Mountain Biking is now becoming a "larger" community, but we are still about supporting each other (which is not the same thing I've heard from the Roadie side).  This is even true of the manufactures, shops, and vendors we love to support. But we are also a loyal group, loyal to those who understand this sense of community.  Take Planet Bike ( for example.  I love their wired bike computer (I know, I'm old school by not going wireless) that tells the temperature, along with everything else, plus a very affordable price (I have one on each of my bikes).  One of the computers is about two years old now, and after the first year it stopped registering speed if I changed screens.  I figured I had gone over the handlebars one to many times and if I didn't touch it worked fine.  At this time I bought a second bike and another Planet Bike computer.  After about 8 months it also stopped registering speed.  I was about to purchase a 3rd when I thought I would send an e-mail to Planet Bike support.  The tech support person replied that it sounding like a wiring issue, was surprised that I was having problems, and sent me two new wiring kits in the mail (they arrived in about 3 days).  I was pleased and amazed at how positive that experience was. No third degree, no did you try this, or ship it back, or anything like that.  Just I'm sorry you are having an issue, and I think I can help solve it.

That experience, like going to Les Schwab for a flat makes me "loyal for life" to Planet Bike, because (true or not) I feel they care about me and understand the (mountain) bike community.  Now, on a recent night ride, only two other people showed up, and I related this experience as we climbed, and to my surprise (or not) both riders also shared similar Planet Bike experiences.  One pointed to his pump and the other said, "see what gloves I'm wearing, I try to get all my stuff from them because of their customer service."  That's 100% customer satisfaction.  That's what builds customer loyalty, it is more than just selling a product (there are lots of people who can sell you something), but taking care of the customer that matters.  I wish more places, manufactures, and some bike shops understood that concept (and community).

Thanks Planet Bike.

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