Saturday, November 10, 2018

Getting Hurt on a Mountain Bike

...and what to do when you can't ride.

I've talked in the past about getting hurt on a mountain bike. You are going to crash or "wipe out" as that is the nature of riding trails in all kinds of weather and conditions.  But it has been my experience that I have only been seriously hurt (broken bones, etc.) when I was doing something outside of "traditional" mountain biking.  Meaning, when I was jumping, doing a "skinny" log ride, climbing something very technical without my helmet or even riding in the fog.  But I have never been hurt (in a really bad way) just going down the trail (other than picking up some poison oak).

I have broken many bones over the years playing various sports.  I think my count is about 30 different breaks. On my bike I have only had 6 breaks (3 collarbones w/ 2 surgeries, 1 ankle w/ 2 surgeries, a finger and a rib)

When You Can't Ride
So currently I'm off the bike because about 2.5 years ago I broke my ankle at Alsea Falls on again a little slide out after a jump where my foot got caught on a side hill and hooked something that twisted my ankle till it broke. It has never felt perfect since I had to have a plate and 10 screws put in.  I felt it when I would lift heavy, jump rope, hike a hill or run.  Plus I couldn't sit cross legged with that ankle flat on any hard surface.  So I knew I wanted it out someday.  Also, I knew if I broke it again, I didn't want to have that plate in because it could be worse. So I had the plate out.  Finally I'm such a "weight weenie" so every ounce counts along with a shaved ankle (not).

What I try to do when I'm off the bike because of injury is work on other areas that aren't impacted.  Like in this case, while my ankle is recovering, I can still do upper body work like bench presses, cable rows, etc.  With a collar bone I'll get on the spin bike.  You just want to keep some fitness up and not stress the injured area.

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