Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Winter of 2017 - Please End

It has been a very long a non-typical winter in Corvallis this year.  For example, the normal average rain fall for February at the Portland Airport is 3".  This past February they got over 10".  Here in Corvallis has been no different.  We have received large amounts of rain and even snow (on more than one occasion) at higher elevations.  This along with the "appears" to be "targeted logging" of areas where non-official trails live and the closing of Starker land has really created a miserable time of riding.

With that said, there have been bright spots.  Riding in the snow is unique and fun (until it gets to deep or iced over).  Some of the trails have held up well and provide great "muddy" conditions that are rideable. Sometimes you just need to get out and ride "Dan's and Horse" just to get out. It is getting lighter longer and Spring is almost here, which means Summer is just around the corner!


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