Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Polar Bear Ride - Why Winter Riding is Fun

The Osborn Aquatic Center (our local swimming facility) hosts a Polar Bear Swim in their outdoor pool every January 1st. That got me thinking about doing something like that for mountain bikers. Thus the Annual January 1st Polar Bear Ride (climb) was born. The rules were simple, meet at the Saddle (a local jumping off point for riding) and climb 2.4 miles (500 feet elevation) on a gravel fire road to the Dan's Monument at the start of Dan's trail. You could only have on shoes, socks, shorts, gloves, a helment and a backpack. No leggings, skull cap, or shirt (sports bras for women were allowed). And you couldn't get dressed until the picture was taken.

The day was perfect, no rain, the sun was rising and it was 24 degrees.  It was not as cold as I thought it would be because we were climbing and you had adrenaline keeping you warm. After the picture we went put on our riding gear and completed the rest of our ride.  It was such fun that we we'll do it again next year.

That's what makes living in Corvallis perfect for a mountain biker, you can ride year round.  This cold was rare but the timing was perfect.  Bether than riding with no closes on in the rain!

1st Annual Polar Bear Outing

19 Degrees

Top of McCulloch

The Hoar Frost

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