Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trail Animals

Went to the Zoo last week and it got me thinking about all the animals that I have seen on the trails around Corvallis. Of course just about every ride I see deer. One night on a ride through Chip Ross Park I saw 14. I have also seen rabbits, mice, squirrels, turkeys, a skunk, and a porcupine. Two weeks ago we chased a pair of coyotes down the trail and about 4 weeks ago while I was climbing Dan's I had stare down with a bobcat for about a minute from 10 yards. I haven't seen the mountain line, and I'm pretty sure I saw a black bear. Biggest scare was on the Coast ride when James and I surprised an elk (or he surprised us) as we came around the corner on a downhill. Lots of bugs, salamanders, snakes, etc. Of course there are always dogs, a cat or two, cows and a lots of horses (but do they count as "wild" animals). Just one more reasons why riding in Corvallis the best.

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