Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mountin Bike Bucket List

This is from the March 2009 issue of Mountain Bike Action. This is their list of the 100 things you need to do befor you "kick" the mountain bike bucket (x = I've done it): My current score "34"

1. Ride Crested Butte, Colorado
2. Ride Whistler Mountain Bike Park
3. Ride a new Rock-Shox Boxxer fork.
4. Ride La Fenasosa Bike Park in Spain
x 5. ENter an MBA subscription sweepstakes
6. Use the plastic brake stop to keep your brake pads from moving while stransorting your bike with a wheel off.
7. Visit Mellow Johnny's: Lance Armstrong's bike shop inAustin, Texas
8. Ride a fork with a new 15 mm thru-axle
9. Ride outside Whistler in Pemberton
10. Ride the main loop on Goosberry Mesa, Utah
11. Race a cross-country mountain bike race
12. Try Shimano's Thermo-Form shoes
13. Volunteer at a local youth mountain bike club
x14. Ride Specialized brand of tires
15. Ride a Giant Trance
16. Use a CO2 cartridge to fill a tire
17. Do an overnighter in the wilderness
18. Race a Super D-event
19. Watch a riding partner who just flew past you crash!
20. Ride Sun Valley's trail network
x21. Test ride a Niner
22. Race the iceman Cometh
x23. Do a night ride
x24. Ride from the base of amountain into a snowstorm
25. Ride Ashville, NC
26. Ride Sedona, AZ
x27. Take somebody on their first real mountain bike ride
x28. Take a $5,000 plus bike ride on a demo ride
x29. Stop to enjoy a spectacular view
x30. Wear a T-Shirt from the Fox Racing Shox's clothing line
31. Ride a single-speed
32. Try handlebars an inch wider than you're using now
x33. Do a night ride with only the moon light to guide you
x34. Volunteer for trail maintenance
35. Take cover from a lightning storm.
36. Visit Troy Lee Designs showroom
x37. Swap a tire in less than five minutes
x38. Learn to adjust your rear derailleur (thanks James)
x39. Learn to replace your brake pads
40. Ride anywhere in Southern California (in the winter)
41. Ride 5 of the 7 parks on Louisiana's I-20 corridor.
42. Do a shuttle run at Downieville, CA
43. Visit Durango and ride the Colorado & Hermosa Trails
44. Sneak into the Interbike trade-only show (thanks James??)
x45. Carry a shock pump in your hydration pack
x46. Ride with clipless pedals
47. Visit Evolultion bike shop at Whitler, say "Hi" to Jenine & Jon
48. Attend a park or forest planning meeting
49. Lead a lost hiker to safety
50. Build a jump bike and learn how to tabletop
51. Ride a Trek with ABP suspension
52. Ride Ray's MTB Indoor park near Cleveland
x53. Make friends with a hourse rider on the trail
x54. Take a camera with you on your ride
55. Ride the Womble trail in Hot Springs, Arkansas
56. Attend the summer Gravity Camp in Whistler
57. Stake Ned Overend's hand
x58. Change somebody else's flat tire
59. Learn to replace your derailleur cables
60. Ride Slickrock at Moab, Utah, and then ride the real trails
61. Ride Ashland, Oregon trail network
x62. Fix up and old bike and give it to somebody who can't afford it.
63. Join IMBA
x64. Break something important on your bike during a ride and figure out a way to ride it out
x65. Enjoy the feel of new grips and tires.
66. Ride Cooper Canyon in Mexico
67. Attend Crankworx Festival
68. Test ride a Giant Glory DH
x69. Find a shoe that fits you perfectly
x70. Put an adjustable seat post on your bike
71. Ride a Scott Genius
72. If you downhill, ride Mavic's
73. Watch The Collective's film "Seasons."
x74. Make a 20-song training mix and crank it
x75. Clear the climb that you've never cleared
x76. Really learn how to use your brakes
x77. Teach a new rider to give right of way to a rider who is climbing
x78. Show somebody a trail they didn't know about
x79. Take a kid on a mountain bike ride
80. Eat a giant bean & cheese burrito after an epic ride
81. High-five "The King" Steve Peat
x82. Talk to kids about bike safety
83. Ride at Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV
84. Build your own pump track
85. Bleed your own brakes
x86. Show more appreciation to bike shop employees who bleed brakes
x87. Use a GPS to track a ride
88. Get a video camera and mount it to your helmet or bike
89. Ride the North Umpqua Trail (James?)
90. Take a three to five day guided mountain bike tour
91. Ride a pump track
x92. Ride tubeless tires
93. Ride Snowshoe, West Virginia
94. Ride Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire
95. Ride a Santa Cruz Blur LT
96. Do a mountain bike packing trip
97. Race a 24-hour race with your friends
98. Attend a mountain bike World Cup
99. Check out don Hampton's collection of mountain bike videos at
100. Attend the Sea Otter Classic

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